September 11, 2016


Detective Blake Gamble has had a rough couple of years, and the only thing that keeps him going is his job working homicide at the San Jose PD.

In a long career, Blake thought he’d seen it all. Until today. . .

A software engineer has been brutally murdered in a garage startup and the victim’s two partners are the only ones who appear to hold the answers to his death. The only problem is one is missing and the other isn’t telling the whole truth.

As Blake delves deeper into the investigation, he begins to unravel a truth so disturbing it will burn all of his perceptions to the ground—and in the ashes, force him to run for his life.

The clock’s ticking. Everything is on the line. And it’s up to one broken man to fix it all. It’s going to be one hell of a night.

A hard-boiled, supernatural thriller!